Kids College has made a commitment to provide our pupils with the finest well-rounded education available.

faceIn a vibrant, challenging and enjoyable environment, we encourage independent thought, nurture talents and help each child to reach his or her maximum potential.

We create a child-friendly “home away from home” in which the child feels relaxed and secure; an environment that is original, motivating and stimulating.

While learning to work and play in a group is an essential part of a young child’s education, we know that each and every little person at Kids College has individual strengths, needs and characteristics. Our superb teaching and support staff take the time to know and nurture each child individually, building strong foundations for the formal education phase.

Our monthly theme-based curriculum provides an interesting way to explore concepts that preschoolers need to master before Kindergarten. Our curriculum includes multiple forms of representation:

  • paintArt
  •  Print
  • Construction
  • Dance & Movement
  • Music
  • Outdoor play
  • Sense related activities (smell, sight, feel)

This allows our children to build steadily on skills and concepts in the areas of Literacy, Mathematics and Life Skills. Our specialist teachers enhance the work done by our wonderfully creative class teachers, making every day one of love, laughter and learning.

learnEach day, you will receive an evaluation of your child so that you are kept updated on how and what they did that day, how much they ate, and what their mood was like.

Kids College is a privately owned Christian and State-licensed Early Childhood Education Center, welcoming families from all denominations, creeds and ethnic origins

Our commitment to excellence is an overriding philosophy that permeates every aspect of our very unique school.