Silly Seacreatures: 30 months – 2 years

Silly SeacreaturesWelcome to the Silly Sea Creature room. A place where imagination is stimulated, exploration is encouraged, and fun in education is plentiful.
Activites include daily choice free play, story time, sing-a-long songs, and a continuation of their fine and gross motor development. The environment we create with the Sea Creatures is one in which the child’s natural desire to learn is brought forth. Communication is key in this room and we provide Daily Grams, as well as weekly and monthly newsletters to keep you up to date with what your child is learning and the exciting things happening in this class. We also work diligently in potty-training your child.

Outdoor play is part of our daily routine on our beautiful playground.

The daily progression of activities depends on the interest of the children, yet they still have structure and routine by having specific times for meals and naps which helps them to know what to expect on a daily basis.

Our teachers have a passion for working with challenging two year olds and enjoy nurturing your children while facilitating their growth and development. Your little one will feel right at home!

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