Fill out the online registration form below, or click here to download our registration form and mail it to: Kids College, 17 Goethe Rd., Bluffton, SC 29910.

Please contact us at (843) 757-9150 if you have any questions.

Online Registration Form

  • Childs Information

  • Parents Information

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  • Authorized Parties

    People authorized to pick up and drop off your child(ren)
  • Indemnity Form

  • 1. Agree to accept and abide by all the terms and conditions governing Kids College with which I declare myself fully acquainted.

    2. Agree that while I accept that Kids College will take every reasonable precaution against harm or loss occurring, indemnify Kids College and/or their staff, agents or employees in respect of all loss or damage, whether to person or property, from any cause howsoever arising, which may be sustained by the pupil stipulated above or to his/her property or possessions, whilst on the school property or under school control during any school excursion, sporting activity or outing.

    3. Agree that in emergency circumstances that the Principal of Kids College or his/her representative, has the power to authorize whatever treatment/surgery, he/she in their sole discretion deems necessary for the pupil, and in doing so agree that the Principal and or her representative shall act loco parentis. I agree further that I shall be responsible for the payment of all medical and/or hospital accounts, where applicable, should an injury be sustained to the pupil stipulated above whilst on the school property, or under school control during any school excursion, sporting activity or outing.

    4. Agree to ensure that the child has been properly immunized against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus and polio, and vaccinated against tuberculosis, and will furnish the necessary proof upon enrollment.

    5. Agree that this indemnity shall commence on the date of signature hereof and shall remain inforce and be of effect for the duration of the pupil’s enrollment at Kids College.

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